How do I sign my child up for Musica Franklin?

Just send us a message through our contact us page and we'll get you all the info you need to register! Our programs are currently open to any student age 7-13 residing in Franklin County, MA. Links to registration forms are also available on our web site at the beginning of each new term. It's a good idea to send a message in addition to filling out the form, to make sure we received your form

Does it cost anything to participate?

Our programs are entirely free to families. Instruction, instruments and snacks are all provided.

Does my child have to have prior musical experience?

No! There are no auditions or other barriers to participation in our programs. We welcome students of all experience and ability levels

Can my child participate in some days but not all?

Unfortunately, no. Musica Franklin is an immersive program and we ask that your child attend all scheduled days for their chosen program. We realize that some children have occasional conflilcts, and we are open to negotiating individual solutions for unique circumstances so long as the arrangement is not disruptive to the other program participants.

What is the family commitment to Musica Franklin?

We ask that families be involved and supportive of your child. Families are encouraged to attend Community Nights and public performances. Having the support of family members in the audience meams the world to the students! Families are expected to volunteer at least once during a program year to help the program. This can be taking a shift at our annual Fun Fest, chaperoning a field trip, cooking or serving a meal for Community Night, or many other tasks.

What are Community Nights?

We host a monthly Community Night at each site. These are evenings that feature a short concert by a professional musician, followed by a shared meal. Community Nights are an opportunity for Musica Franklin students to showcase their learnings in an informal, low-pressure environment. Community Nights are always free and open to the public.

How can I support Musica Franklin?

We welcome community involvement! Check out our Support Us section to learn about volunteer and collaboration opportunities or to make a donation.